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Information for Parents

We are currently recruiting for:

BPBMC Project

If you identify as a Black or African American parent of a Black or Multiracial child between the ages of 5-11 living in Southern Wisconsin and you would be willing to talk to a Black-Biracial researcher about your parenting experiences please email Laura Evans at



The purpose of the Fathers and Mothers (FAM) Project is to investigate associations between coparenting quality, scaffolding during parent-child interactions, and children’s self-regulation and academic readiness in African-American families.

If you are a parent who is interested in participating in any of the above studies or would like more information, please contact Laura Evans at to see if you are eligible.

Information for students

Undergraduate research internships

If you are interested in working with the Dilworth-Bart Lab please contact Janean Dilworth-Bart at or Laura Evans at to see if any internships are available.

Graduate studies

Janean Dilworth-Bart reviews graduate applications for potential advisees every fall. She encourages interested students to email her directly and to learn more about SoHE graduate programs here.

Contact Janean at