The CREATE Project

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The Cumulative Risks, Early Development, and Emerging Academic TrajectoriEs  (CREATE) project is a pilot study that looks at how home, school, and outdoor environments are related to child learning and school readiness.


Children facing multiple stressors in early childhood are at greater risk for lower educational achievement. Early childhood is a period of rapid brain development that is both vulnerable to adverse effects of psychosocial and environmental stress and the positive impacts of high-quality interventions. Exposures to psychosocial, chemical, and non-chemical stressors share similar biological pathways leading to inflammation and altered physiological regulation within the HPA-axis, which have direct and indirect associations with these key school readiness outcomes.


This project is funded through the UW2020 WARF Discovery Initiative.


For more information, contact: Janean Dilworth-Bart ( or Kristen Malecki (